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infindigo finnish lapphunds

Kuura  -  Infindigo Persikka Kuura

Domino Male (Grizzle)

KC Reg No:   AM00460201


Born:   6 December 2010

Dam:    Infindigo Keksi

Sire:     Lapinlumon Kuuraturkki


prcd-1 PRA:             Clear (A) by Heredity

GSD II (Pompes):    Clear

Hip score:                4 / 5

Eyes tested clear:  19/09/14

Age 6 weeks

Summer 2013

Muddy & gorgeous - 4 months

Tito 10 months



Age 9 weeks

Domino Finnish Lapphund puppy Baby-Kuura Domino Finnish Lapphund puppy Domino colour pattern Finnish Lapphund Domino Finnish Lapphund

Handsome boy - June 2016 - 5 years

Balor CC Pic Apr 17 Kuura-sit-summer-13

Bálor - Arianrhod Finntroll JW

One of Kuura's sons, Arianrhod Finntroll JW, was awarded his first CC at the Finnish Lapphund Club of Great Britain breed show in April 2017 under judge Elaine Short.  He looks like a real chip off the old block.