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infindigo finnish lapphunds

Taito  -  Infindigo Taito

Black, Tan & White Male


Born:   13 June 2007

Sire:     Elbereth Kimmi

Dam:   Elbereth Onnekas for Infindigo ShCM


Hip Score:                 7 / 6

prcd-1 PRA:              Clear (A)

Pompe's Disease:   Clear by Heredity

Age 1 looking so much like his mum

With his little buddy Jasper

Fiia 5 months


6 Years  -  Photo (c) Blake Bower

SANY0054 Taito-Sep-13 Taito08 TaitoJasper2010

Crufts                                                         Best Opposite Sex  

                                                                    Southern Counties 2010    

3rd Limit Dog  2012                                  Judge Tuula Savolainen (Finland)

Judge Pearl Chetwynd

                                                                   Reserve Best Dog

3rd Limit Dog 2011                                  Rare Breeds

Judge Toni Jackson                                   Southern Counties 2010

                                                                    Judge Patsy Hollings

2nd Postgrad Dog 2010

Judge Mr O Germundsson (Sweden)    Southern Counties 2009

                                                                    Judge Pekka Teini (Finland)

Reserve Postgrad Dog 2009

Judge Heather Head

Show Wins

Taito is a big cuddly bear of a Lapphund with excellent conformation and a temperament that is truly outstanding.  He is gentle, wonderful with children and other animals and he never goes looking for trouble - even with other males.  He happily makes friends with anyone who is willing.  He even cohabits with another male Lapphund, chickens and a house rabbit, as you can see from the photos above.  


He has a cheeky sense of humour and loves to have his chest and ears scratched.  His hobbies are chasing non-house rabbits and lazing around.  


I'm so very proud of this wonderful boy and I'm delighted that I have a beautiful litter of puppies sired by him.  You can find links to see them as individuals on their litter page.



Age 6 weeks

Critique of Taito from Finnish breed specialist Tuula Savolainen in 2010:

"... 3 years old male of excellent type with excellent head and expression, good size of the ears.  Good neck and topline, well developed body, good angulations, well carried tail.  Very good coat quality.  Moves well with reach and drive.  Good temperament."