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infindigo finnish lapphunds

Taika  -  Infindigo Taika

Brown, Tan & White Female


Born:   13 June 2007

Sire:     Elbereth Kimmi

Dam:   Elbereth Onnekas for Infindigo ShCM


Hip Score:                 6 / 7

prcd-1 PRA:              Carrier (B)

Pompe's Disease:   Clear by Heredity

Growing up girl

Fiia 5 months

The sweetest natured, most undemanding and unflappable of girls.  Also a gold-medal-quality scavenger.  No scrap of food is safe, whether tucked away on high, in a cupboard or sealed in a plastic snap-top bin.


Click here for details of Taika's puppies with the handsome Danish/French gentleman, Lapinlumon Albmi.

Age 6 weeks

Taika 2010

Winter 2010 - Photo (c) Stephanie Dubois

TaikaFace TaikaStand TaikaStand2Jan10 Taika 5 Weeks